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Understanding Google Panda Update and Safeguarding the Website from its Deadly Affects

Google is the most used search engine that helps the internet browsers to find the best information on the net. To offer the visitors more relevant information based on the keywords, Google has announced an algorithmic update known as the Panda update in the month of April. This algorithm was designed to display only high quality websites on the SERP results and remove low quality websites from the search result page. With this latest panda update many sites have lost their high rankings that were poorly written and contained duplicate content. Websites stuffed with keywords found themselves at the bottom.

Google’s panda updates have cleared many spam sites from obtaining a higher rank on the search engine page result that offered irrelevant information to the visitors. It focuses on factually correct information, correct grammar, originality with no keyword stuffing, appropriate and relevant information that is helpful to the visitors. The new algorithm has improved the overall search quality and has removed bad contents and scrap sites from the net. But this major change in the algorithm has affected the webmasters as many sites having duplicate content lost their rankings and stopped attracting potential customers. There are reputed SEO Company in India that can help website owners to get back their ranking once again.

How to handle Google panda update

Follow guidelines specified by Google: the most important thing that the webmasters should remember and follow are the search engine guidelines that are specified. You can evaluate the contents of the website and improve the pages based on the guidelines.

Remove duplicate contents: if the website contains any duplicate content, then it is better to remove them and add freshly written contents that are unique and offer relevant information.

Keywords: the chosen keywords play a vital role in the content and maintaining the right ratio will help the search engines spiders to crawl the website. Don’t use any hidden texts or hidden images in the website.

Update site on regular intervals: keeping your site updated with high quality and fresh information that is well written and unique will enable you to attain a higher ranking in the SERP. This will attract the visitors and also make sure that the website is user friendly and can easily be downloaded at the minimum time.

Webmasters are constantly struggling to cope up with the panda update. Companies that strictly follow the guidelines specified by the search engine and offer SEO services India will definitely help the website owners to attain a higher ranking.