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The latest Google’s Penguin update can affect your business

Few months back Google announced a major change in its search algorithm and called the update Google Penguin. Google claims that this update was much needed and aimed at improving the search engine services so that the visitors got relevant information and only attractive websites containing fresh content obtained a higher ranking. We all know that a huge population prefers Google over any other search engines and so Google reworked on its algorithm to cater to the changing needs of its visitors.

Google’s Penguin update is believed to penalize websites that are engaged in web spam tactics in order to manipulate the search engine rankings. These websites usually practice black hat techniques and do not follow Google’s webmaster guidelines. This recent change in the algorithm has in fact affected more than 3% of organic results and has created problems for websites that contain spam content, excess of keywords and phrases. The penguin update was implemented to make sure that the sites were of high quality and were not over optimised by building spam back links and abusing the guidelines stated by Google. If in any case your site is affected by the update then a reputed SEO company India can help you to get back your ranking

How to deal with the Penguin update

Generating traffic is the main aim of every website and sites that are affected with the changes in the algorithm need to follow certain tips to get back their position and traffic.

Make changes in your website: firstly admit that you have crossed the guidelines and then find out what changes are required in your website to make it work according to the guidelines.

Website content: fresh content that is informative and can help the visitors should be added in the website. The content should have appropriate grammar and spellings and the keywords should be placed while maintaining the exact ratio so that there is no overstuffing. The website shouldn’t contain any hidden texts or images.

Link exchanging: Google doesn’t support link exchange and so it is important to remove any such pages that you have. De-index the pages and inform you link exchanging partners that you do not wish to be linked to them anymore.