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“I am glad that I approached SEOresults1 InfoTech. My website has at last started to rank high in Google and I am tired of attending calls and replying to the emails of so many visitors. Suddenly, my business has gained heavily and it is all due to the efforts of this company. Highly recommended.” Mike

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Link Building Packages

Plans LINKS PageRank PRICE (US$) Yes
STANDARD 100 1-4 $200

MODERATE 200 1-4 $400

AGGRESSIVE 300 1-4 $600

Plans LINKS PageRank PRICE (US$) Yes
STANDARD 100 1-4 $150

MODERATE 200 1-4 $225

AGGRESSIVE 300 1-4 $350

Plans LINKS PageRank PRICE (US$) Yes
Price (US$) $150 $299 $350 $435
Websites Links – One Way (PR 1-4) 30 35 40 50
No. of Directory Links 50 75 100 200
No. of Article Links 1*10 2*25 3*40 4*50
No. of Forum Links 10 15 20 35
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For any customized requirement please email us at or request a quote.

Note:-Features of our link popularity building service

1.Links from industry-relevant/topic-relevant pages where links are placed
2.Overall site must also be industry-relevant/topic-relevant)
3.Links from many different domains
4.No spam used to solicit links
5.No links from Link Farms
6.No links from FFA networks
7.No links from porn, racially prejudiced sites and other sites containing offensive
8.No links to the client site through redirect scripts, cgi, etc.
9.No JavaScript links
10.No framed sites
11.No flash sites
12.No robots.txt exclusions
13.No Robots tag exclusions
14.No nofollow tag exclusions
15.No paid links
16.Links from pages that are already indexed

Frequently asked questions

How do I know about what plan will suit me the best?

You can select the plan according to your targeted keyword competitiveness. Starter plans are especially for the businesses that have low competitiveness. There are also some bigger plans for the businesses, which are large. However, with the procedure of link building, your website will start improving slowly.

Do you provide paid links?

No, we do not provide you paid links. They all are completely natural.

What should I do if I do not get the report on time?

You should consult our customer care service immediately that will solve your problem in no time.

What should I do if the links are deleted after a certain period?

If the links are deleted within 6 months, then we will surely recreate them for you as early as possible

How do I pay you?

We accept the payment chiefly via PayPal.

What happens if I find the anchor texts wrong?

If you find something like that, then we hope you will understand that it was not done intentionally. We will definitely change it or we will replace the link.