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Guide to Recover website from Google Penguin and Panda Penalty

People who are unaware of Google Panda and Penguin must know that these are Google algorithms that were introduced to restrain low quality content and reward websites having high quality content. The basic idea behind these algorithms was to bring prime quality content on Search Engine Results Pages rather than listing websites with good SEO. However, there was slight difference between both the updates, as Panda focuses on the content uniqueness, thereby eliminating copied and low quality content whereas Penguin focuses on removing websites that uses black hat SEO techniques like cloaking and keyword stuffing or the site that uses unethical tricks to obtain ranking.

Many websites were seen affected after the Google Panda and Penguin updates, as there ranking drop considerable in the Google Search Engine Results Pages, thereby also dropping the traffic for the site. This should not be seen as a major loss for the online businesses, as they can follow some valuable tips and suggestions that can guide them to recover their websites from Google Panda and Penguin penalty. There are many renowned SEO company in India that offer unparalleled SEO services and better guidance to recover from the Google Panda and Penguin updates.

Tips to recover from Google Penguin and Panda penalty:

• Companies offering quality SEO services in India must use Google webmaster tools that offer all sort of guidance related to the website. It has all the tools and features that will help the SEO Company to carry on with the best SEO services. It can also help in removing errors from the site as the Google send messages informing about the mistakes made in executing the SEO services.

• Another vital tip to recover from Google Panda and Penguin penalty is to design and develop user-friendly sites. Site navigation should be made simpler and easier and all the buttons and links on the site must be clearly visible to the visitors. Beside, one should also not clutter the site content with too many ads, as this is something that Google dislike in particular.

• The website owner must also check their site for keyword stuffing as too much use of the keywords in the content is considered as a black hat SEO tactic and should avoid it at any cost.

• To recover one website from Panda and Penguin penalty, one should avoid spam back-links, as these are cheap and automated links that do more harm than good.

• Social media websites must be ideally utilized to recover from the Panda and Penguin penalty. Websites can benefit by creating social media pages for one website. Websites having presence on social media sites are given importance by the Google.