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Google’s New Search Algorithm – Giving Priority to Websites with Top Quality Content

With innumerable SEO companies cropping up in the Internet marketing field, promising top ten rankings to businesses has become a common means to attract businesses, who just wish to outshine the other competitor from the Google search engine. To fulfill their promises SEO companies used to adopt all the legal and illegal means to offer top ten tanking to the websites. To stop such activities on the Internet and to keep a check on the working process of SEO companies, Google has come up with new search algorithm that favors quality over quantity while offering ranking to the websites. Websites that create high quality relevant content for their visitors will definitely benefit from the websites that produce large quantity of low quality articles.

Google’s new search algorithm was updated with the objective to make the algorithm more adaptive or understanding of websites having good quality content. According to this new search algorithm update, the website with good content obtain top search engine ranking even if the website is not search engine optimized. The new search algorithm also has latest Google search quality penalty that penalized the websites the stuff too many keywords on a web page or exchange too many links and go beyond the normal SEO techniques. The Google new search algorithm will allow users to find legitimate, quality sources of content more easily as website offering copyrighted material will be pushed down in the rankings.

Google have work continuously to stop the use of another person’s material on the Internet, which is also against the copyright laws. Therefore, websites using another person’s material need to give the due credit to avoid any legal trouble. According to the latest search quality penalty the websites that are found violating the copyright law are subjected to heavy penalty that result in drop to the search engine page result rankings. Depending upon the extent of the violation the website may even be expunged from Google’s index.

According to the Google’s new search algorithm, Google is focusing more on the users by driving them to pages having high quality and relevant content. This also proves great for the users, as they easily and immediately get access of relevant and qualitative information related to their searches. It is always beneficial to consider the websites from user’s or visitor’s perspective. The content written on the websites must be relevant and informative instead of just stuffing the keywords. Unique and engaging content with lots of useful information will improve the ranking of the website.

Beside quality content, quality inbound links is another encouraged means of obtaining rankings according to the Google’s new search algorithm. Websites with poor code are ranked low in the Google search results and even the websites with spelling, grammar and other similar mistakes also ranks lower in the search results. Thus, a well built website with prime quality and relevant content will find their site ranks well in the Google’s new search algorithm.