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Google Panda & Penguin Compliant SEO Services

Google Panda was basically released in The United States of America in Feb 2011.The main purpose of this concept was basically to resolve the issues related to the low quality and the different kinds of duplicate content which was available on the websites. The results of some of the important research has revealed the fact that these updates were actually responsible for affecting around 12% of the web searches and they were mainly focused on lowering the ranking of the sites, which has a low quality and a poor content. But also at the same time it definitely helped in boosting the sites which had a content which was very rich in information and had an excellent quality.

Role of Google Penguin

Google penguin, on the other side was released on 24th April, this is basically the recent and the latest attempt so that they can solve the issue related to the keyword stuffing and the spammy inbound links etc.

This compliance is mainly based on the analysis which is dependant on domain and also on the different audits which are actually conducted on the website page level.

Google Panda & Penguin Compliant SEO Services is actually known for its some of the very amazing and unique features –

-This service will always provide you with a unique and fresh content, so that you can retain your old customers and also at the same time it helps in attracting the new and more potential customers, which than will be beneficial for your firm.

-There will be no stuffing of the keywords in the article, the flow of the article will be very natural and it will make sure that the readers do not lose interest midway

-These services are mainly for the benefits of all its valued customers and it also helps in building authority and quality back links.

-These services provide user friendly navigation for the convenience of all its customers.

– Also you can bang upon them for excellent and highly informative content.

When you hire Google Panda & Penguin Compliant SEO Services, you will actually get the complete value of money for the services they offer. In fact every penny in this situation will be worth spending, you will never regret your decision of hiring them. There are many reputed SEO companies which provides excellent SEO services, so make sure that you hire the right one in order to avail maximum benefits

Main changes after the updates

The Penguin Compliant SEO services, undoubtedly works very efficiently so as to provide excellent content to all the interested people. Now in the below paragraph, we will discuss about the changes which took place after the arrival of the Google panda and penguin updates.

-The main aim behind launching these services was to clear all the irrelevant stuff and provide quality content .

-The unethical techniques which were practiced for generating back links were stopped, as this was not the way the Google expected the SEO industries to work.

– Also the websites with poor content were also sometimes penalized.


SEOResults1 InfoTech is a responsible SEO Company, delivering excellent and result-focused SEO services for over a decade and a half now. The company has sincerely took notice of every adjust and modification in the algorithms of leading search engines-Google, Yahoo & Bing. We make sure to provide fully Google Panda & Penguin Compliant SEO Services so that we can deliver on our promise of Guaranteed Top 10 search engine rankings.

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